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Looking for Cal Dental Group in California?

Dental care is a necessity. But you can’t just run to the first clinic you see! Tooth extraction is just one of their crucial roles; if done wrong, it can damage a nerve while numbing you. They can chip your tooth or drill a hole deeper than needed. Never take your oral health for granted! All the horrors you hear about dentists growing up will come true if you land with the wrong one. This is where Cal Dental Group will help you with your dental care.

What can you expect from Cal Dental Group?

At Cal Dental Group, we make sure we resolve your dental issues, not just extractions. We have complete and the most modern equipment for whatever dental issue you may have. If you have problems with your oral health, we have the best doctors to create a treatment plan to restore and maintain the health of your teeth. Everyone is welcome, especially children at Cal Dental Group Dental Clinic. 

Remember that our health professionals are not just good at resolving dental issues. They are excellent at removing tooth decay and cavities but also the perfect people who can advise on how to care for your teeth and gums. And that includes the proper diet that improves your oral health. 

What Services Do We Offer

A patient’s usual concern is whether a dental clinic performs the procedure they need or if they have the equipment for it. With Cal Dental Group, we have the complete package and the latest technology for every dental concern. We:

  • Ensure safe administration of anesthetics during extractions 
  • Perform surgical procedures when needed
  • Monitor growth and development of the teeth and jaws
  • Clean and repair teeth
  • Educate young patients and parents with the best oral health practices
  • Create and fit dentures, crowns, braces, and other dental appliances
  • Prescribe medications and antibiotics
Still Looking For A Dental Clinic In California?

We got you covered! We can provide a full package without rushing you elsewhere.

You can visit us at 936 Crenshaw Blvd # 101, Los Angeles, CA, United States or call us for an appointment on these numbers +1 323-934-2804. We make sure that our highly qualified dentist and friendly staff will be waiting for you to attend to your needs. You can also want to visit their website to book an appointment and or browse available payment plans. 

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Different Areas that are practiced by Dentist in California


What are orthodontists? They are dentists who take care of our pearly whites. However, orthodontists are not just ordinary dentists. They are specialist that focuses on orthodontic care. Instances, where a person has gaps between their teeth or those with a bad bite, are the issues that these dentists take care of.


Furthermore, they also care for jaw misalignment and crooked and crowded teeth. They studied and trained to diagnose, prevent and fix teeth and jaw irregularities. Issues that may cause future problems are easily identified by orthodontics. And equally important, everyone is treated by them, regardless of age. Looking for Orthodontics in Los Angeles, CA?

General Dentistry

General Dentistry refers to the overall oral health care service provided. These dentists earned a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine). However, there is no difference between the two positions, not the curriculum taken by the dentist. General dentists are basically your primary dental care provider. 


For the same reason, they diagnose, treat, and care for all your oral concerns. They can do everything, from gum care to fillings and veneers, root canals, crowns, and the dreaded extractions. Before becoming a dental specialist, one is required to have additional post-graduate training. Looking for General Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

Pedodontist – (Pediatric Dentist)

A pedodontist, a pediatric dentist, is a dental professional whose specialty is children’s oral concerns. They are imperative in a child’s oral health as it develops over time. Essential brushing of the teeth is not the only responsibility a child must learn. 


Moreover, they must know the best ways to care for teeth and gums and incorporate them into their daily routine. Pedodontists have a different duty toward their young patients as it requires a specific measure of care. It requires a particular skill set to ensure that young patients and those with special needs learn their responsibility in oral hygiene. 


Endodontists are types of dentists that specialize in tooth diseases, pains, and infections. They cater to both young and mature patients that have severe oral concerns. These dentists are the ones that perform root canals on delicate teeth or those that are infected or decayed. 


They undergo extra training to ensure that they do not hit any tiny blood vessels on their patient’s gums, nerves, and connective tissues. Once these are nicked and cause a problem inside the tooth pulp, it may cause infection, inflammation, or tooth decay. Perennially, endodontists must perform specific procedures to resolve these teeth problems. Failure to do so will without a doubt cause serious damage to a person’s overall health.

Oral pathologist – Oral Surgeon

Oral pathologists or oral surgeons are dentists that specialize in identifying the nature and the source of diseases that affects both oral and maxillofacial regions and managing them. These experts study the causes and effects after identifying conditions through lab tests and examinations, which include physical health. 


Oral pathologists rely on medical backgrounds to determine if the underlying cause of the medical issues is oral-related or not. These experts will also be able to distinguish and provide the correct medication based on their findings. In any case, they can help patients with concerning pain in the mouth, neck, and jaw, as well as infections, cavities, and other gum diseases. 


Prosthodontists are dentists that treat more complex dental concerns as well as facial matters. These include restoration and replacement of teeth using artificial devices. Furthermore, these dentists are highly trained in creating dentures, crowns, and bridges. In addition, they also do dental implants and perform procedures for jaw disorders. 


These dentists specialize more in repairing natural teeth and replacing those removed. Some prosthodontists undergo added training to work with people with deformities in the head and neck. They also replace parts of the jaw and the face that are missing. Apart from their dental school years and undergraduate school, they undergo advanced training in aesthetic restoration and teeth replacement. 


Dental implants

Dentists do dental implants to replace tooth roots. These provide a solid foundation for the tooth (may be permanent or replacement teeth). Prosthodontists usually create these devices. Dental implants are not only for aesthetic reasons but to improve oral health as well. It helps in speech improvement, especially with dentures slipping out. 


Besides, poor-fitting dentures cause the users to mumble. It also provides comfort to the user. They no longer worry about their dentures slipping out when they are talking. It also allows them to chew on their food better. Because of the strong foundation, dental implants work just like your natural teeth. Lastly, these are also very durable. It can even last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

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